How To Wear A Boot Knife, The Right Way In A Cowboy Style

A boot knife can come in handy during dangerous situations and carrying a boot knife is probably a great way to prepare for any threats.

Earlier, men were seen wearing high open Cowboy boots where they could hide this boot knife conveniently.

​Whereas, now wearing and carrying a boot knife is somehow easier, and the credit goes to the modern fancy boots that are specially created to carry the weapon with special integrated pockets from inside.

​Let’s now dig a bit more into the topic and learn on how you can wear boot knife.
​Shhh… don’t let anyone know that you are hiding a boot knife!

​Here are some easy tips to follow on how to wear a boot knife (Let’s Get Started!):

​1.Things you’ll need:

  • A Knife
    Choosing your knife is critical. No length serves all and it should depend upon on the size of your boots, and your needs of course! And the kind of blade you want.
  • Boots To wear!
    The boot must be comfortable and in the goldilocks zone — neither too long or the knife will get lost, nor too small that the knife slides and touches the ground.
  • A Knife- Sheath
    A sheath is the close-fitted cover for your knife and is essential as it protects you from accidentally cutting yourself from the knife’s sharp blade while walking about.
  • A Durable String
    You want a durable string (a shoelace can do the trick) to secure the boot knife and keep it from moving around or irritating you while walking.

​Note: Please Make sure that your boots are comfortable when you wear them. Make sure that you can access your weapon easily and in a safe manner (Be careful, don’t cut yourself!).

​2. Basic To do’s While Wearing Your Boot Knife Cowboy Style!

  • Start convening your boot knife, keeping the above-mentioned requirements in mind.
  • One of the most crucial things is to carry a boot knife with a sheath. It works as a safety cover, not only for the knife but for your feet as well.
  • Once you are done assembling, wear the boots and try sliding the knife carefull into one of your boots. If it slides perfectly, then you are all set to go!

It was so easy, wasn’t it?

​It’s true that learning how to carry a boot knife isn’t exactly rocket-science but you need to make sure that you are comfortable and can move freely. The knife should not interfere with your range of motion.

​3. Selecting the Boot Knife!

​Boot knives are said to be one of the best tools in terms of self-defense. A number of military officials and secret agents carry a boot knife in almost in every secret operations and others for safety purposes.

  • The key to choosing the right knife for yourself is to first know your core concerns.Do you need it for self-protection, or do you need it when you go camping?
  • The second thing to keep in mind while getting a boot knife is the length that you want. Experts recommend that the length should be at least between 2.5 to 5 inches but this ultimately also depends on the length your boots.
  • The third thing to look out for is the type of material used in the knife. Obviously, the knife will be more expensive when the metal is of better quality. You should go for the durable kind.

Note: It is somehow preferable to go for a boot knife that you can a buy easily, without spending much. Plus, if you know where to buy and what to look for, you can find the most enduring items that will save you some of your hard-earned greens.

4. How to carry boot knife?

Finding a tool which is easily accessible than a boot knife is rare!
​A boot knife can be concealed easily in your boots. Plus, it can be counted as one of those tools that can be easily accessed.

​Well, carrying a boot knife has several uses due to the versatility it provides you with.

​Imagine yourself being attacked by a human sitting right next to you or you are camping somewhere, and attacked by a wild animal, a boot knife can act as a life-saver in such state of emergency.

Note: Keep yourself updated in terms of the laws and related rules, when carrying a boot knife, as most states do not support the use of boot knives, for safety purposes.

Boot Knife Guide
Boot Knife Guide

Tips on How to wear a boot Knife with a Sheath(Something you might want to know)

  • You can sew a sheath by yourself by using the basic leather-working tools.
  • Make sure that you wrap the knife sheath in a web-like structure on the inside of the boot.

​Some Other Things to consider

  • A high ankle boot is better suited for carrying a boot knife as compared to smaller boots.
  • The smaller the shoe, the smaller knife should be, so as to carry the knife easily and comfortably.
  • If you have pets and children, make sure you take out the knife after taking off the boots to avoid injury.
  • If your shoe isn’t specifically designed to carry a knife, some damage may be caused to the shoe over time.
  • Make sure that it is legal for you to carry a boot knife.

Quick Wear a Boot Knife – Video Guide by MrLeonidas

I know it was a long one, Don’t worry we are almost at the end!

​Bottom Line!

​Boot knife can be considered as one of the extremely valuable assets, that could really be a life-saver, in case of emergency.

​Being resourceful always pays off, no matter what situation you are into. So, now that you know how wear a boot knife; tell us how you normally wear a boot knife? (if you do wear it).

​Let us know by leaving your feedback below

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