How To Make a Butterfly Knife?

Performing some great tricks and stunning the audience with a butterfly knife is something, which many tricksters want to do. However, most of them do not like to spend unnecessary money by buying butterfly knives. Moreover, they are expensive and the cheap ones are not of good quality. Therefore, it is better to learn the DIY lesson on how to make a butterfly knife and have a great build, high quality and ergonomically designed butterfly knife by spending dimes.

What are butterfly knives?

Butterfly knives are nothing but a type of folding knife that rotate about the knife’s tang. When you close the knife, the blade soon conceals within the handles. You can close the knife’s blade with the help of a latch. Therefore, you can avoid unnecessary cuts and scratches. These knives are highly popular for their irregular construction, as you can use it to perform many tricks, unlike the regular pocketknives. I made myself a butterfly knife at home, without having a scratch or cut following a DIY tutorial on how to make a butterfly knife at home.

Butterfly Knife via
Butterfly Knife via

All that you need is some tin snip or dikes to cut the metal pieces and make the blades. Tiny screws and nuts are something that you need to build a butterfly knife just at the comfort of your home.

So are you ready to know the DIY tips and steps on how to make a butterfly knife? Then let us just hit it with this exciting tutorial.

What will you need to follow this tutorial on how to make a butterfly knife?

If you are trying to construct a butterfly knife, then you need to recognize two common types of constructions. One is the Sandwich construction, and other is the Channel construction.

Before I hit on and make you learn how to make a butterfly knife, I have a small disclaimer that I think everybody should read once.

Disclaimer: Let me tell you that I will not be responsible for any injuries inflicted on you or others by the weapon. Do you agree to that? Then you can proceed with the material which you need to gather and make a choice on the type of construction that you want to use.

How to follow Sandwich construction method

It is a method where the handle is layered on top of one another. Then it is pinned or screwed into place properly. This construction allows the blade to rest in the void between the layers. This method is highly popular and effective. If you are going to use the knife a repeated number of times, the layers can easily slip, or it can become loose, causing the knife to become insecure. It is having a great design for a reason and purpose, but it is not good at surviving for a longer time. Moreover, a large amount of time is spent tightening the screws.

How to follow Channel construction method

This is yet another method of constructions and the handle of the knife in this process is forged out of a single piece. Instead of the blade, resting within the void, it is actually like a groove for the blade. This groove occurs during folding or milling when it is integrally casted. The handle is made out of one solid piece and this type of construction increases the longevity of the knife. Therefore, this construction method is better than sandwich construction that makes the knife great in looks.

What do you need to make a butterfly knife?

Butterfly Knife via
Butterfly Knife via

When you intend to learn how to make a butterfly knife, it is important to gather the materials correctly:

  • Bolts and nuts
  • Four washers for the pivots (Well, I used six to seven bolts for making butterfly knife.)
  • A blade, either you can make one or have it from another knife

Have these tools:

  • Drill Press
  • Drill Bits
  • Cobalt Drill Bits
  • Pliers
  • Hack Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Permanent Marker
  • File
  • Square
  • Taps for the bolts as it makes the fixing easier for you
  • Tool oil to use if you are salvaging the blade or spray some on the hardened steel
  • Sandpaper
  • Vise

Step-by-Step Lessons on how to make a butterfly knife

  1. First, make a basic outline of the handle, as it is the hardest part to construct. This is a custom weapon so measure your hands and cut two-half handles approximately 5 mm in size or more.
  2. Next step is to sand the top edge of the knife, so that the blades rotate in the main junction easily without striking with each other. While sanding, you must create a semi-circle to move halfway through the semicircle and drill a 5.5mm hole.
  3. Next, you need to drill a 1-2 mm rut just above the shaft and help the blade to rotate. The hole should be of 2 to 2.5 cm and you need to cut it straight in the middle.
  4. Now to make the blade, first, you need to look into the rotation piece and make sure that this fits the handles so that they move/twist 180 degrees. Then you can make the blade and it should be smaller than the length of the handle of course.
  5. To make the rut halfway through the handle and to stay on the safe side you must conceal the blades completely.
  6. You have to use the 5 mm nuts to attach the blade to the handles and be sure that they are right.

You can also look at this video and have an easy wrap of the ways to learn how to make a butterfly knife.

What is your takeaway?

Therefore, you see it is not so tough to make a butterfly knife. It is simple and not so difficult to conceal. Unlike the pocketknife, you do not need to worry about the mishaps. Since in pocketknives, the blade in pocket though remains concealed but comes out when the hinge loosen. However, for the butterfly knife, you can easily avoid such notions, as it is not going to come or push the blade outside.

One can easily make butterfly knives at home. Since the material is also available in the local departmental store. So have them and use them as you want and fix them properly to prepare a butterfly knife of your choice. Hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and finally learned how to make a butterfly knife. If you have liked my tutorial or if you are aware of any other steps to make an easy butterfly knife, do keep us posted or share your opinion below in the comment box.

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