How To Close A Switchblade When Not In Use

Switchblade or automatic knives are something that we commonly use almost every day. However, there are people who feel clumsy while closing it! Do you know how to close a switchblade? I think most of us will feel a little shaky in replying me to that question. Since most of us keep the knife, open even when not in use.

These folding blades open automatically because of the spring when you press the button or the lever, or the switch in the handle. It imitates a locking blade in which the blade stays locked inside the closure. As soon as the spring extends the blade, it opens up. You can also unlock the blade by manually operating it. However, while closing a switchblade many people face difficulty.

It was difficult for me too, when I bought this switchblade and was unable to close. Finally, I came to know it and thought that this should make a tutorial, as many like me may not know how to close a switchblade.

We know that these switchblades does not last longer, but before you dump them in the bins, try these quick fixes and learn how to close a switchblade after you use.

What to keep in mind when you handle a switchblade

When you handle a switchblade, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is where the blade lives does. Well, it lives on the handle it is attached. It is made up of thin and soft aluminum so each time you press the button or the lever or stick it in your pocket or even wrap them to ship with you, it compresses a little. However, the compression that occurs is nearly visible rather it is negligible.

Classical Switchblade Wood
Classical Switchblade Wood

When you take out the knife, you just need to remember something that the blade is not popping out or if it does then you need to check for the spring. There are times when the spring might fall weak and the blade might hang out. Each time if you find the blade pop open it should do with a smack and it does not then you need to open up the handle and have to look into the thing from the core.

As said earlier, switchblades come is different shapes and sizes. However, most of them fall into two different categories.

  • One switchblade is with the out the front where the blade pops out of the handle automatically when the user pushes the lever or a button.
  • Another one is the side out switchblade that wants the user to handle it manually until a spring mechanism is ready to take it up and lock it back into the place.

In both the categories of switchblade method of sheathing is the same, so will be learning soon how to close switchblade of each type in this tutorial.

Before we begin with the step-by-step rule on how to close a switchblade it is important to have knife and try out a little. Now you need to press the release button and open the knife with a good pull. It at times requires a stronger tug than you might have thought to keeps these knives maintained. You need to stick a wide bladed tool into the handle just above and then release the button. Next, you need to twist back the knife blade and until you open, the handle a little bit more.

Now let us get into the mechanism of our how to close a switchblade after you have opened it or accidentally when the blade is sticking out as the spring might have stopped working. Check out the steps as it follows.

Classical Switchblade
Classical Switchblade

How to close a switchblade – Step-By-Step Guide

Therefore, as the switchblade is open it is important to make out how to close a switchblade. You need to know how to put the blade inside the sheath once more so that it does not cut your hand or any other hazards occur.

For most of the time we have seemed that, the disaster occur since the spring stops working or the handle gets squished a little due to mishandling of the blade. Moreover, sometime the handle of the blade gets compressed and little extra forcing the blade to stick out.

Now let us see the easy steps to sheath the blade back to its position:

  • You need to push or pull the button and lever, or whatever might be at the handle to control the locking mechanism of the switchblade.
  • You need to carefully locate the dull side of your blade
  • After you locate the dull side then you need to push the dull side into the knife fold inward along the handle to keep the blade in position
  • You have to push or pull the button or the lever to get back the knife to a locked position when you sheath the blade.

How to close a switchblade – Video Guide (Tutorial by Horizon Bladeworks )

You can also refer to this video to handle an open switchblade and know how to close it.

What Have You Learn from This Tutorial?

This tutorial ends with the elaborated lesson on how to close a switchblade. It has shown the manual process of keeping your blade sheathed inside the dungeon of the knife without causing harms to yourself. If you know that how to handle this knife then it becomes easier to avoid unnecessary hazards that might come along with an open blade. So make sure that you are able to operate the knife without any glitches or mistake. As we are keeping switchblade in our bag for self-protection so opening and closing of the switchblade is an important lesson for the users.

If you are a new user and do not know how to use the switchblade then it becomes tough to handle the odd situation where the knife could be a possible reason for your accidents and hazards. So avoid any such issues and handle the knife with confidence irrespective of the state. Learn how to open and how to close a switchblade with us through this tutorial.

Please share your valuable feedback if you know some other trick to keep the blade in sheath.

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