How To Close a Pocket Knife Properly and Safely

Pocket knives are everywhere these days. They’re handy and they’re useful. A lot of people would bring one with them whenever they go out or go somewhere they might need a pocket knife. Closing a pocket knife may sound simple but first time users can attest to how hard it is to flick open and close a pocket knife.

As useful as they may be, pocket knives are dangerous and they should not be handled playfully so it’s important that one knows how to open and close it before even dreaming of using it for various purposes.

This tutorial is made in order to help beginners be able to learn how to close a pocket knife properly and safely. We have included the step-by-step procedure so that you may learn the technique which is actually easier as soon as you get the hang of it.

For this tutorial, of course you will need to have a folding pocket knife (Click here if you want to find a pocket knife). Make sure it’s not broken or rusty to avoid accidents. Pocket knives usually come with a manual as they are designed differently. Reading the manual before practicing will help a lot. The basic mechanism of pocket knives regardless of their brand or design is usually the same so learning this technique of closing a pocket knife will still be useful.
Find a place where you can concentrate preferably a quite one where you will have less distraction so you can focus on practicing this technique. You would not want to risk cutting your finger just because you got distracted by something while you were practicing. Go somewhere away from kids or other people to prevent accidents.

Here are the steps on how to close a pocket knife the proper and safe way:

1. Remove the pocket knife from its box or holder.

Read the manual and be familiar with the different parts. Locate the blade, the handle, the liner lock and the rest of the parts.

The handle holds everything together. The blade is sandwiched by both sides of the handle. The liner lock prevents the blade from swinging open. The blade’s sharp edge should be facing inside when the knife is locked and closed. When you are familiar with the different parts and where they are located, it would be easier for you to know the basic step of knowing the right way of handling a pocket knife before opening or closing it.

One part of the pocket knife that you should always remember is the joint. Look at your knife and locate the joint. When you know where the joint is, it will be easier for you to imagine how the knife opens for closes and can help you prevent accidents as a result of improper handling of the knife.

2. Remember the orientation of the knife and imagine how the blade would turn of flip.

This way you would know which side to hold or which side will the sharp edge of the blade turn or swing into. Place the pocket knife in the palm of your dominant hand. While it is still closed, the sharp edge of the pocket knife should be facing your palm with the tip pointing outwards. With your other hand carefully pull the blade using the back and visible one. The pocket knife should open up with the sharp edge of the blade away from you.

Stretch the blade out until its fully opened. Always remember to hold the knife carefully and steadily. Now that you have the knife opened you may now use it for whatever purpose you intend to use it. Well just remember, not to use it to hurt yourself and other people, though. Unless, you want to end up in a hospital or in jail.

3. After using the pocket knife, you should now be ready for the steps on how to close it properly and safely.

Firmly, hold the knife by the handle. The sharp edge of the blade should be facing inwards and the tip should be pointing away from you.

Place the handle slowly to your free hand and use the other one to hold the back of the blade. The knife should close facing away from you with your fingers clearly at the back and out of the flipping blade. In this position, the knife is still locked open.

With one hand, slip a finger and push the liner lock up or down depending on how your pocket knife is designed. Gently, push the blade and see if the liner lock is completely out of the way so the blade can move and be pushed towards the handle.

By this time, you can now easily slip the blade inside the handle and close it. After this, you just need to secure the blade in and press or close the lock. Voila! You have just learned the easy, proper and safer way of closing a pocket knife.

4. Do not forget to put the pocket knife back in its case and remember to place it away from children’s reach.

If you like carrying it around with you and placing it inside your pocket, always remember to check the lock before and after using it. Cleaning the pocket knife regularly should also be done in order to prevent rust or dirt that could make the blade and the joint stiff and harder to open or close. This can also dull the blade so regular cleaning is important.

How To Close a Pocket Knife Properly and Safely – Video Guide By MegaJordan X


Having a pocket knife is such a cool thing. What’s not cool is when you do not know the proper way of handling or using it which should always start with the right way of opening and closing it. It’s up to you to constantly practice it.

Surely, it would take years before you can become a master of pocket knife flipping and swinging. What’s important is that as soon as today you have learned the basic steps of how to close a pocket knife.

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